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Our 52nd Season - 2022-2023

Our 52nd Season has something for everyone! From perennial holiday favorite The Biggest Gift, to fun reimaginings of stories of familiar stories like  Sleeping Beauty and Robin Hood – Season Ticket Holders won’t miss a thing.

Oct 13-Oct 16 2022

Sleeping Beauty

The true story of the princess who fell asleep comes to life before your eyes as the audience tries to save Sleeping Beauty from the spinning wheel. Where is her true Prince to awaken her with her kiss?

Dec 16-Dec 18 2022

The Biggest Gift

Did you send your letter to Santa?
Then why has he not received it?
Join the fun and laughter as Tucker the elf and the toys set out to save Christmas.

Mar 9-Mar 12 2023

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the bravest of you all? Can the Queen’s witch disguise fool Snow White? Will Snow White eat the poison apple? Be one of the brave and see this spellbinding tale.

May 11-May 14 2023

Robin Hood

With King Richard gone, Prince John unjustly taxes the people. Join Robin Hood’s band of merry men as they to outwit Prince John and the Sheriff.

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