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Our 52nd Season - 2023-2024

Our 52nd Season has something for everyone! From perennial holiday favorite The Biggest Gift, to fun reimaginings of stories of familiar stories like  Sleeping Beauty and Robin Hood – Season Ticket Holders won’t miss a thing.

Oct 12-Oct 15 2023


Maybe your foot will fit the slipper? This romantic story about a girl’s dream to find her true love, and her wicked step-mother and step-sisters hilarious attempt to marry the Prince unfolds. With your help, Cinderella’s fairy God-mother does make dreams come true.

Dec 15-Dec 17 2023

The Biggest Gift

Did you send your letter to Santa?
Then why has he not received it?
Join the fun and laughter as Tucker the elf and the toys set out to save Christmas.

Mar 7-Mar 9 2024


The true measure of the love and honesty of everyone’s favorite puppet is tested as this adventure tale of an old man’s dream comes to life. With your help and guidance, Pinocchio learns to be a real boy in only 3 days.

May 2-May 5 2024

The Crimson Pirate

If you can keep a secret this is the show for you. This treasure of an adventure story is packed with thrills and excitement. Only the brave and romantic landlubber will be permitted to learn the secret of the Crimson Pirate.

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